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Intelclnic, is a startup founded by Kamil Adamczyk, Kris Chojnowski, andJanusz Fraczek in Warsaw, Poland, and it is an engineering studiospecializing in biological signal processing systems and artificialintelligence technologies for consumer electronics and medicine. We arecurrently developing the NeuroOn, the first comprehensive medical-grade sleeping companion for which we have raised almost half a milliondollars on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.We are both a B2B and B2C company. In addition to working on theNeuroOn, we are engaged in two smaller projects with other companies.Our main target group is 25-35 year-old urban professionals. Intelclinicbelieves that it is better to give specific advice and assistance inimproving one’s life, and not simply providing a wide array of graphs andcharts for the user to analyze.Intelclinic wants to deliver scientifically accurate sleep advice based onreadings the NeuroOn gathers every night. Irregular sleeping times,restlessness, and jet lag are just some of the problems facingprofessional urban dwellers in the 21st century.We have earned the majority of our funds through our Kickstartercampaign, along with some additional funds from a few individualinvestors. Moving forward, we are soon launching pre-orders of theNeuroOn open to the public though our official website as well as ourproduct website. In the future we hope to be fully independent and workon new projects and products with funds acquired through the sales ofthe NeuroOn.Intelclinic has received a number of awards from local competitions andorganizations in Poland, as well as some international organizations,such as the award for the best startup in 2013 at LeWeb in Paris. Ourfounder has also been chosen as the Founder of the Year 2014 inPoland and one of the three most innovative Polish entrepreneursaccording to the media magazine BRIEF. He was also a finalist at theGlobal Impact Competition 2014 at the Singularity University.
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