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  • specjalista ds. marketingu, osoba z doświadczeniem w branży, pracująca przy różnych projektach, odnajdująca się w branży fashion
  • osoba komunikatywna, otwarta na nowe pomysły, nie bojąca się podjąć wyzwań
  • z doświadczeniem w tworzeniu kampanii promocyjnych/teaserowych
  • znajomość języka angielskiego


  • wsparcie teamu wiedzą i doświadczeniem w tworzeniu kampanii promocyjnej (z wykorzystaniem metody teaserowej) nowej marki działającej w branży fashion


  • pracę w młodym, dynamicznym zespole, w przyjaznej atmosferze
  • możliwość stworzenia własnej kampanii promocyjnej, wdrożenia własnych pomysłów
  • możliwość pracy zdalnej
  • uczciwe wynagrodzenie

About 4MOSA

4MOSA is a company created with a desire to revolutionise optical market by implementing innovating solutions in variety of fields including both product and services. We are to provide customer a great experience of using our products and a plenty of expedient facilities concering before - and after - purchase support.Our specific market research has led to establishing of 2 completely different eyewear brands that follow through various customer profiles and their needs. One operates already in the market, the second one is planned to be introduced this autumn.Westwood Eyewear is a brand of handcrafted glasses from exotic woods. Our desire was to create something not only original, but also one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable. Excellent quality and superior design has lifted the brand to the top and attracted many satisfied consumers.What struck us from the beginning was natural beauty of wood. We desired to create something not only original, but also one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable. This is why we created Westwood eyewear.Eco-friendly frames and polarized lenses provide for top quality while maintaining great looking design. They’re unbelievably light and smooth to the touch. You wouldn’t find two identical people as well as there aren’t two look-alike pairs. If you think you stand out from the crowd choose one of the unique Westwoods to bring out your character and independence.
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